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Name:Sheriff Graham Humbert

Sheriff Graham

Sheriff of Storybrooke, Maine. Tired of feeling nothing. Not-so-secretly in love with his deputy.

The Huntsman

Raised by wolves. Considers himself an honorable man. Has to do whatever the queen says.

A note on verses

He's taken primarily from the episodes That Still Small Voice (Emma's deputization) through The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. He may also be assumed to be from an AU where he survives the events of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. He suffers a heart attack because of Regina's attempt to kill him, but CPR keeps him alive long enough to survive. After recovering, he returns to his job as sheriff.

Disclaimer: I am not Graham. He is the property of Horowitz/Kitsis and people at ABC. I'm not Jamie Dornan either. He's the property of himself.

Interests (5):

archery, bowling, crying over the bodies of dead wildlife, darts, movies
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